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What are hemp hearts anyway?  Simply put they are shelled hemp seeds.  In fact, hemp hearts are the “heart” of a shelled hemp seed.  They are comparable in size and consistency to chopped sesame seeds.

Soft Hemp Hearts have the hard shell removed

What makes hemp hearts so great?  Again, simply put they have virtually the highest concentrated balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and enzymes.  They are, in essence, a super food and the health benefits of hemp hearts are amazing!  To add hemp hearts to your diet, you can simply add them to your favorite recipes.

Of course, hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years for the fibre, seeds, edible oils, lubrication and fuels.  Recently though, hemp hearts have been shown to have tremendous health benefits above and beyond what was previously thought possible.
Not only research, but consumer referral for the amazing health results has boosted sales. 

If you are wondering what kind of health benefits come from hemp hearts, there are a plethora of recurring chronic health problems that can be addressed with their judicious use. 


If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, your heart is working overtime.  Your overworked heart is forcing blood through with too much effort.  This puts you at an increased risk for heart attack and stroke, which can ultimately lead to death.

Hemp hearts have been shown in clinical studies to contribute to reducing inflammation, while at the same time decreasing blood pressure.  Measurable results are often seen within a few months.

Hemp hearts may also decrease the risks of colon and prostate cancer.


For those who suffer from chronic indigestion and other problems involving the digestive system, hemp hearts have shown promise in relieving symptoms.  Hemp hearts have no known allergens, so they are beneficial to those who can’t eat gluten, lactose, fish, sugar, nuts meat or other common foods. 

When taken in combination with a high fibre diet, and a variety of fruits and vegetables, bowel movements can become more regular.  This indicates a healthy bowel system. Move over bran, hemp hearts will also prevent constipation from happening in the first place.


Hemp hearts, when taken as directed, will reduce cravings until the middle of the afternoon.  They will also naturally reduce the craving for sugars and stimulants.

By lowered hunger and lessened craving for junk foods, the body will naturally lose weight by filling up on foods that are high in nutrients.  Hemp hearts provide essential fats and proteins, so for a healthy and natural weight loss, hemp hearts are a great alternative.


With the combination of better diet and improved bowel movements, hemp heart users also report an increase in energy.  The combination of “detoxing” from sweets and refined carbs leaves the body free to experience the natural energy without stimulants.  The energy is long lasting, not a short burst that you find in an energy drink.

Hemp Hearts to Detoxify & Get Increased Energy


Since hemp hearts contain the right ratio of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, and no cholesterol, it may help lower to cholesterol.  Hemp oil is normally absent from the fats we eat, but nutritional experts consider the GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) to be beneficial to our health.


  • Sprinkle on your favorite recipes
  • Blend into a raw nut butter with cacao powder in the food processor for a nutty topping for toast.
  • Add to fresh fruit, protein drinks and smoothies. 
  • Eat plain on a spoon.
  • Add to salads, cereal or vegetables to add a light, nutty crunch.
  • Coat on chicken or chops instead of bread crumbs.
  • Use in place of nuts in recipes.

      Cookies made with Shelled Hemp Seed                                                        


Hemp hearts can be stored in a cool, dry place.  Refrigeration is not necessary, since their natural antioxidant properties keep them fresh for many months at room temperature.

Also, just a quick note here for those of you that associate the word hemp with marijuana. While hemp is derived from the same plant genus as marijuana, the level of THC (which is the psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana) is miniscule in its ‘cousin’ hemp.  The only high you’ll get from hemp hearts is the natural feel-great-feeling that comes from looking after your own health.

The only precaution I have ever come across when it comes to integrating hemp hearts into your diet applies to people who have bleeding problems.  Hemp harts natural anti-coagulation properties may cause thin blood.  In order to be safe, build up to a tolerable level over time.  And, if you suffer from any unusual health conditions, of course you should always check with your physician before proceeding.

With so many potential health benefits, who wouldn’t want to feel better with hemp hearts in their diet! 

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